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For those that haven’t heard yet… Twin boys! (Taken with Instagram)

18 weeks! Gender will be revealed Tuesday! (Taken with Instagram)


This fluorescent close-up of caffeine was taken in July 2011 by microscopist David McCarthy at the University College London School of Pharmacy, and is one of the Wellcome Image award winners 2012. It shows a caffeine crystal about 40 micrometres across. Multimedia artist Annie Cavanagh painted in the original greyscale image using Photoshop. “I chose stimulating colours because of the nature of caffeine,” she says. “This image took me a day-and-a-half to complete.”

When she started working at UCL, she was fascinated by the sharp, hyper-realistic microscope imagery. Because there are no accepted colours for these micro-scale objects, “it opened up an unlimited range of artistic possibilities,” she says. To tint such pictures, she first removes the monochrome background. “Then I paint the image like a watercolour, blending and shading layers of colours.” she says. Little wonder then, that this image created such a buzz.


Just Three Weiners In A Floaty On A Hot Summer Day
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Forgot what a nice view this campus has. (Taken with Instagram)

My, what big ears you have! (Taken with instagram)


ScienceDaily (May 28, 2012) — Do you smile when you’re frustrated? Most people think they don’t — but they actually do, a new study from MIT has found. What’s more, it turns out that computers programmed with the latest information from this research do a better job of differentiating smiles of…

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Sleepy baby (Taken with instagram)